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What You Need To Know About Buying Countertops

January 3, 2018

Best Kitchen Countertops for Busy Kitchens – any kitchen can easily be transformed by replacing a countertop that has been scratched, stained or scorched or just a plain countertop that has become unattractive. The market is full of options at various prices.

Most kitchen countertops have undergone performance tests to test their stains and heat damage resistance, cuts, impact and abrasion and here are some that passed this test.

Quartz – Quartz almost looks exactly as stone and yet less maintenance is required on it. Nothing from serrated knives, abrasive pads, hot pots, and many stains could match quartz’s toughness. Quartz is made up of mineral, colour and resin and comes in colour variety and has patterns that have the similar outlook as that of granite and marble. Its main disadvantage is that chipping can occur to its corners and edges and might, therefore, require a pro to repair them. In this respect, having round edged quartz top will surely help.

Granite – granite slabs have a unique touch especially in their wide range or rare colours and veining. And the costs definitely depend on your preference. Tile Mart Countertops are not easily harmed by cuts, scratches or heat and polished and matte finished countertops are more resistant to most stains especially when sealing are properly done.

You, however, need to periodically seal granite surfaces so that you keep stains at bay. Just like quartz, granite’s corners and edges are very much susceptible to chipping and they require a professional to repair.

Soapstone, Limestone and Marble – it is not usually common to find soapstone as it is the case with granite. However, the surface is superb resistant to heat and damage. Fine Sanding and application of mineral oil can be used to repair small scratches. Marble and Limestone are some of the classic soapstone materials.

Soapstone, however, nicks, easily scratches and cuts and it is sometimes too tough to wash out some stains. Limestone and Marble have these drawbacks as well and can easily be damaged by heat.

Laminate – Laminate is cheap, can easily be installed and is very beautiful and this is due to its decorative edges made by new printing technology. Advantages of Laminate are that it can be found in a variety of colours and patterns. You can use laminate for counters, backsplash and sinks and they have almost invisible joints that create a seamless look.  It is not easily damaged by stains and heat. Direct cutting on laminate, however, could easily and permanently damage it and it is therefore recommended that you use a cutting board.

Laminate will need a professional to install and repair if it is managed. So it needs extreme care and maintenance when using it.


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